Artist Statement

I am a painter and multimedia artist making works in Los Angeles. My artworks are an examination of pathological optimism and redemption through rebellion. I am interested in the ways images and forms have the power to embed themselves in our subconscious and shape the ways in which we see and interact with the world. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains and on a farm and ranch in the American Southwest had a profound effect on the ways I see the world and my deep respect for nature. My work as a human rights organizer shapes and anchors my work in passion for connecting social cultural and economic advantages with structuralized and entrenched disparities.

My work is an amalgam of dreams, research, conceptualism, contemporary culture and social theory. I am most recently completed a solo show composed of my ongoing W.A.L.T. series or the Women’s Association of Lecherous Treachery. The WALT pieces were featured on Saatchi Art as part of their daily featured artist series on December 7, 2016. The WALT series celebrates the so called ‘bad girl’ who rejects domesticity and reflects an embracing of authentic identity by women and those who identify as women. I am currently counting the WALT series and a series of abstract minimalist works called Jeweled Tesserae based upon land use.